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These Galaxy phones are indestructible.

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Galaxy Note Phones
I was out for a motorcycle ride a couple days ago when my note 10+ fell out of my pocket in a busy intersection. I didn't realize ti for a half hour . I went back to the last place I knew I had the phone but it wasn't there. I went to a store and called my wife and asked her where Google maps thought I was. (We share our location.)
I found the phone in the intersection totally smashed. I picked up the pieces and headed back to my bike when the phone rang in my helmet comm set. My wife saw the movement on the map and called it. I told her I was on my way home with a smashed phone.
First I went to Verizon but they told me there was nothing they could do, so I went to Best buy where a Samsung rep was working. He was able to retrieve almost all of my apps and data for me and transfer it to a new S23+. 
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Galaxy Note Phones
Yikes. That sucks about the S10+ but glad you got to update to the S23+ model. Hope you got insurance 😆