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USB OTG device/printer connect stopped working

(Topic created: 07-19-2021 04:43 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones
Until this month (July 2021), I could quickly print by connecting my phone to my printer via USB OTG using the Samsung USB Type A-to-C adapter that came with my Note 10+ - with zero problems. I just fitted the Type-C adapter on the Type-A end of the printer's USB cable and plugged the Type-C end into my phone and printed the document. 

NOW, last week anyway, that came to an end. No more simple plug and print. The phone would not recognize that there was a device/peripheral attached via USB cable. Eventually, I downloaded some third party USB OTG printer connection helper software from the Google store. 

It worked, but the software proved to be too intrusive, it wouldn't stay asleep and or deleting it as a default app didn't stop if from being the default app for pdf docs, so I uninstalled it.

Is there a fix for getting my USB OTG working again without installing some third party's software?
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