Updates when you switch providers


Updates when you switch providers

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I switched providers months ago and I need to update,  is there anyway to update it  and get the new software ? Do I need to have my new provider do it ?  I don't know if using the old providers app on my computer will do it .  Can I get it from Samsung website somehow ? Any help would be appreciated,  Also my phone  has been restarting on its own ,  It's been doing that for along time, just did a factory reset not too long ago so we will see . Just weird,  Of course my phone is way out of warranty and I'm not with that provider any more so I am stuck until I can but a new phone other wise I haven't had too many issues and I love my note 4  . The only other issue besides that is the camera lense cracking and I seen someone else had the same issue. And I also have no idea how it happend . It still takes great pictures though. Thanks for any help . 

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Re: Updates when you switch providers

Hello @userTYbYNWMSBu

This sounds like the perfect opportunity to use Smart Switch! When downloaded onto your computer you can use the program to back up files from your smart phone, including your contacts, music, photos, calendar, text messages, and device settings. You can also update the device as long as that update was pushed out to your device at one point. You can see more about this program here on our site: http://www.samsung.com/us/smart-switch/

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