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Want to switch from iOS to Android (Note 10 Plus) but have some pressing concerns.

I currently have a XS Max, but am a bit bored with iOS, so I'd like to try an Android phone again (last one was a Note 4).


I'll try to word this post as clearly as possible.


1. The people to whom I'm closest all have iPhones and I'm worried I'll miss important texts, even after I deregister and turn off iMessage on my iPhone. Experience has taught me that, at least some of the time, texts sent and received between iOS and Android fail. I never had an iPhone prior to 2016 and, when texting an iPhone user, our texts sometimes just would not go through.

Is there a way to verify if a text sent on an Android phone has been delivered?


2. How is the battery life on the Note 10 Plus? I have seen claims stating that the 11 Pro Max, despite having less mAh, actually lasts longer.


3. Another major concern of mine is the smoothing effect/beauty mode. I know it can be turned off but supposedly there is still some smoothing done and I prefer a more natural look. I watched a YouTube video from a reviewer and it's blatantly obvious his skin was lightened and smoothed out to hide flaws. 



4. Will notes and reminders get transfered from iPhone to Android? I really need these. 






Re: Want to switch from iOS to Android (Note 10 Plus) but have some pressing c..

I had a iphone an alway had issues with everything apple had on their iPhones n txt messages were the worse an I had enough an went to Samsung an had not had a problem with android at all n loved it