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Weather app with covid numbers?

(Topic created: 05-02-2021 08:17 AM)
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Ok guys....first the qeather app was great. 

Then I did the worst thing, I updated the app without searching around for complaints.  Come to see after that update a while ago...the nice weather app has ridiculous ads taking to 1/2 the screen real estate on a flagship phone.

Lesson learned, don't update native apps that cannot be removed from the system.

So like most others last month I was noticed about the Samsung system update.  Well....I waited two weeks to see if anyone posted any problems or issues.  I even read the document saying what the update contained. 

I installed the system update late night. 

This morning like every morning I go to the weather widget app to see what the day will be like..... so MORE real estate now gone for covid-19 case and DEATH stats? 

Can anyone explain who thought this a good thing to implement? Who she this come across their desk and said...looks great let's run with this on our $1000 plus flagship phone!?

It is completely and entirely evident that absolutely NO ONE with a brain cell thought this through.  

Let me ask can you remove that option? Nope, the only option is to disable and not used the weather app on the phone you own. 

But that aside, they should Gabe at least put a warning,  a notice,  a statement ... any information for user prior to clicking on that app after updating it within the system updates. 


You see the are people that have lost love ones too this virus, or are ill due to this virus. Why on earth would anyone put death stats inside an app used for weather? Now people that have lost people in their lives get to re-live  this when looking at the weather? It makes no sense whatsoever. 

Not to mention people that have loved ones working daily on the front line and exposed to this virus....oh yea we ALL want to be reminded multiple times per day they might become a phone statistic. 

I really hope someone from Samsung reads this post and removes the unnecessarystats from the weather app, but looking at others comments I truly doubt it.

Yes the app will be disabled...and I will let everyone I know that they too can pay over $1000 so they can be reminded without warning about the deaths within a weather app.

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Galaxy Note Phones
Thank you! I saw this too and absolutely hate they added this to the weather app. Thank you for reminding us, SAMSUNG, because obviously there isn't enough going on to already keep us reminded about COVID. And waiting until we're winding down to add it? Gee, that doesn't ring suspicious at all.

I too will be disabling this app - and it was my most used one.