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Wifi Calling issue with T-Mobile Network on Unlocked Phones

Just in case anyone else has the same issue:


I bought a brand new Samsung Note 20 unlocked from the website. I noticed after arrival that the Wi-Fi calling wasn't working. I tried everything I could (enabling wifi calling, have a valid 911 e-address, choosing Wi-Fi as the preferred method of calling, millions of resets, etc.), and nothing was working. 


Finally, they contacted T-Mobile; of course, they asked me to do the same thing all over 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ nothing worked. Finally, they said to put the phone on airplane mode, turn it off for 20 seconds, and then refresh the Wi-Fi feature on their end and turn the phone back on. worked. I think I put the phone back on airplane mode and turn on the Wi-Fi to make sure it worked, and it sure did. 


I hope this helps anyone that has a similar issue. It's probably the same with AT&T, Verizon, etc.




Re: Wifi Calling issue with T-Mobile Network on Unlocked Phones

thanks for the info
but tmobile can't refresh wifi feature they can only force update your 911 e-address i always buy unlocked phones and never had this problem
Walla walla even i use wifi calling when I visit 🇱🇧