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Will there be a Note 21?

(Topic created on: 2/21/21 11:26 AM)
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I currently have a Note 10 plus,  I usually upgrade to every new Note each year but opted to skip the Note 20. 

Who all thinks there will be a Note 21. I'm really wanting to upgrade but note sure if I should wait to see if a new Note gets released. Z fold is out of the question as much as I really like the Design it's not practical for my everyday use in my work environment. 
Thinking I should just face the fact the Note line is dead and just upgrade to the S21 Ultra.
Even if they do release a Note FE (fan edition) I'm note gonna buy a dumbed down note
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The Note20 isn't as bad and I will take it over S21 but if you can wait a little bit more to see if the Note line is really killed for good, then wait for your final decision on whether to get S21 or a Note20, if sticking with Samsung. Honestly, I don't see as many issues with the Z Fold as those popping up for the S21. It's your call at the end.
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The way Samsung has started down the Apple path and hamstringing their phones (no charger, no MST, no SD card/expandable storage) the Note 20 Ultra might be the last full featured Note even if there is a Note 21 Ultra. So you might want to go ahead and get the Note 20 Ultra. You can always use it for the trade in discount if you like the Note 21 better.