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"Android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly" error

(Topic created on: 3/9/21 12:44 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones


I have a Galaxy Note 10+ with Android 11. Lately, whenever I opened my GALLERY app, the error  "Android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly" kept coming up and the GALLERY app closed by itself. Once awhile I was able to have it stayed on for 15 minutes, then got the error "App stopped working" and "Close App".

I have searched everywhere and tried all solutions with no result, that includes looking for Google Services Framework, which I can never find it. I have cleared cache and date for Google Play Store, Camera and Gallery, nothing helps.

If anyone can tell me how to solve this annoying issue, it would be very appreciated. I do have Google Photo installed and backed up all photos from the gallery. But would really like to have the Gallery app work normally as well. By the way, I do not have any SD card used in my phone.

Thank you.

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