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cancelled order??

i pre order the phone , my account was pedning for  3 days ,so i contact samsung to find out what was happening , they assured me it was being processed the very next day they cancelled the order i put down  650.00-  and they still rejected my order saying sprint did it . .. how can sprint cancelle a order in the samsung system .. not im out off all the promotions .. ear buds , watch, 1/2 off of the note ..  no one will except that they messed up and messed me over .. now if i want it i will only get a phone . i provided all samsung and sprint emails to show them with my recipet and still nothing..   WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THIS ..ISHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH APPLE ..   


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: cancelled order??

I completely understand how much this experience has affected you. I wish I was equipped to handle your order information, but instead, I suggest you reach out to our E-Commerce department at, 1-855-726-8721. You'll be in good hands there. Thanks!

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