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customer service and claim department reg phone# *****

(Topic created: 06-12-2021 02:29 AM)
Galaxy Note Phones
My name is Sandy with my phone number *****. i use Samsung as my 1st smartphone for many years. i am a Samsung phone fans. 
I got the Samsung note 10 for almost 2 years. recently the battery not able to charge with the Samsung wireless pad. my phone carrier is T-Mobile and they cannot fix the issue. i contact with Samsung tech. support for help, unfortunately still not unable to help. because I had premium care plan so the tech. department recommend me to claim the phone. 
i call the claim department on 6/4 when they try to verify my address which should be ***** and they stay that is not match with the system. however, the staff still let me go. he sends the new phone to me on 6/7. he told me once i got the new phone i need to send the old phone within 15 days otherwise Samsung will charge $800 more. 
on 6/7 when i got the phone and take it out for charge battery, there had a scratch on the screen. I call in claim dept ask for resend the new one. however, i lived in California and call in at night time, they say the shipping department is closed and i need to call again at 7am EST. i called claim dept next day they say my billing address in the system is different than what i provide so they transfer my call to Samsung pro for help. however, i wait for an hour more just ring with the song only until almost 6pm PST. i called a lot of time to different department, they just keep transfer me to different people without help me solve the problem until today morning which is 6/11, i don't know which department is that and how to get reach of that lady, she told me in my Samsung account the billing address is *****. i am so surprise that address is same as what i provide to claim department. i told the lady my situation and she found out there had the other address which is ***** which is my sister, siu ki lau office address. i don't know why there had ***** address show in Samsung system because in my email send from premium care show the billing address is ***** and under my name. 
since i found out the other address in the system, i try to call claim dept again and successfully use ***** to verify.  they transfer me to shipping department. they told me since this is over grace period so i need to pay the deductible to get the new phone and the deductible is $199. i was surprise of what i heard because no one told me about grace period and no one mention deductible. first, i called in from 6/4 to claim department till now, this is my 1st time heard about grace period and deductible. 2nd i don't know why in the system from claim department show the address is not the billing address of Samsung and need me to use that address for verification. 3rd i feel like a ball playing around by different department different people until pass that grace period which is 3 days of new phone arrival. is that the trick from Samsung to ask for money? 4. now Samsung want me to pay for something that is not my fault and not even related to me which is not fair and not even make sense. even though now my problem still unable to solve because the shipping department say they need to transfer my call to unsolved customer service department for help and it is close now. i need to wait for tomorrow maybe 8am PST.
i am so disappointed with Samsung. i don't think i need to pay for this unfair deductible. i feel like trick by Samsung. this is the worst experience i had with Samsung. Hopefully i can get reply asap not after 15 days of the phone I receive otherwise I had right to believe Samsung keep delay the action for defraud money from customer or set a trap for customer
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