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file handling flaw ring camera mp4

Ring snapshots will not download

 When downloading them as an mp 4 file the notification will open from the notification screen in video player

Once the file completes playing the notification and player close and the file is no longer viewable

The phone now says that a new app is required to open the mp 4 that just played in video player

If one isn't comfortable with a 3rd party app then 1 would want to download the files to a computerUntil the video player app is fixed

  This brings out the file handling flaw

Whun can normally send files over Bluetooth Because the mp 4 is not associated with an app it is not available to be sent over Bluetooth

This is a file handling flaw

There is a work around the demonstrates why this is a flaw

When can upload a jpeg over Bluetooth to the phone so that it is at the top of the download files list

Now one can select the jpeg and the same MP 4 files that would not transfer and they are now available for transfer over Bluetooth

This does not work if one selects a jpeg that is in the file list below the mp4 files

 There are 3 flaws

The ring application snapshot will not download with the download manager

Moving to downloading a series of snapshots As an  Mp 4 does download and will play from the notification but will not play after the notification is complete.  The phone now requires another software application to play file it has already Shown It will play

To download the mp 4 through Bluetooth cannot be done without a hack which is to put a downloadable file above the mp4s