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note 3 transfered randomly folder to s5 .spensdk30 from note 3 to s5

i wanna buy new phone with warranty so i worried because can transfer from s5 or note 3 to new phone file manager still same .spensdk30 and in google backup to new phone same app i dont wanna be hacked!!!! my new phone pictures, or facebook,bank and all. i dont wanna be saw me from front facing camera or back or even when i typed to messenger or facebook, or sms chatting, can my recorded audio calls ???????????????????? i never had a problem like hacked from note 3 to s5 and magic way created folder to s5 file manager .spensdk30 when i not have spen in s5 and i say i never had a problem before i not buyed note 3 from human!!!! what is i cant search on google because this package name doesnt exists. who knows whos android package name "daemonapp" . i try search package to know what is but cant see!!!!!!!!