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"NOTES" APP (vs "S-NOTE") not writing for 5-6mm side borders of paper, bad software concept & UX

I am an admirer of the Samsung Note series, starting from my first "NOTE II" onwards, but I have an unbearable problem with the "NOTES" app which has replaced (or would like to replace) the old "S-NOTE" in the more recent SAMSUNG NOTEs.

Using (obviously) the stylus, it's not possible to write for 5-6mm left/right borders of the sheet and for an abundant centimeter in the upper border.

Not only. Starting to write just a little inside those invisible borders and then entering the "allowed" area it does not take the whole stretch. Need to rewrite it again.

Instead of keeping fast notes, it is required to check well where you start writing to avoid missing lines.

On the contrary, I have tried to install the old and obsolete S-NOTE, and it does works in the whole display as expected !

Why decreasing UX and writing area of the main part (writing) of the main APP (NOTES) of the main distinctive element (STYLUS) of the top range of SAMSUNG smartphones ? 🙄
I can accept that's no more possible to stop the alarm clock with a voice command like NOTE II did,
I can accept that there is no more the "gradual increase volume" option for the clock alarm, like nearly all NOTEs,
but I can't beleave this illogical "software" limitation on stylus writing area.
SAMSUNG NOTE wants to emulate as much as possible the feeling of paper and pen, even with the nice noise of the pencil (it's a poetry! :-D ), but the pencil doesn't write on the whole paper, because the software doesn't "authorizes" it... end of poetry.

Anyone know a solution? Is there any hidden parameter to change?