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same with my note 10 plus as well, most of apps are crashing from March 22 2021

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Samsung please fix this issue asap, this will lead to spoil the brand name of Samsung phones
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It is not caused by Samsung. 

A lot of Android users are seeing this issue starting yesterday. It appears to be related to the Android System WebView app. Google has since pushed an update which fixes the issue. 

If the update doesn't work for you, a lot of people are having success by doing an App Info on this app, choosing uninstall updates, and then rebooting. 

If you don't see the App in the App view listing enable the option to see System apps. 

Galaxy Note Phones

" The apps crashing is related to Google's system app called "System Web View". And the issue isn't just on Samsung devices. It's across many Android devices.

If you need help with a fix there are many users who have already posted a fix for it till Google rolls out another bug fix update for Web View.
Here's a link to a YouTube video showing a fix!
I just found the above post and video, and my phone now works again. Only took 30 seconds to fix
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