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samsung flow

(Topic created: 02-04-2023 01:34 AM)
Galaxy Note Phones
I just updated samsung flow to on both my tab s7 and note10+... and now when I double tap my phone's home screen before minimizing flow popup on my tablet so the screen doesn't come on burning more battery than it needs to.. then bring up the flow popup on my tablet to do something with my phone that's 30ft away.. it just says "unlock your phone" poo.  Where before the update it showed the pattern unlock screen and I could draw the pattern for unlocking my phone on my tablet screen (in flow app). 

Is there any way to get this back to where I can unlock my phone from my tablet when I bring the flow popup back up? *without* having to walk 30ft to my phone to unlock the darn thing? 

Cellular is my only internet so I use samsung flow to control my phone from a distance while the phone sits where it gets much better signal (by the cell signal booster). And I currently have a quite messed up knee.. to say it stinks having to walk 30ft everytime I want to do something on my phone would be a gross underrstatement.. 

edit to add: this is all pertaining to 'smart view' within samsung flow app where the phone screen is cast to the tablet, and the phone is controllable from the tablet
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