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samsung update made note s10+ no more usable with default theme

(Topic created on: 3/13/21 5:38 AM)
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It was few months I resisting install a samsung update on my note s10+ because all was working good.

I did the mistake of applying the update :(

After the update, when the phone restarted, it asked my phone code with a white font on a white background .... no comment on QA testers if they exists

All fonts become white instead of black while background stay very white, great update, why I applied it ? :(

After reapplying the default theme, lock screen and home screen got back black font, but the applications screens, keep white font !!!! and with the default theme it is no more readable



Any way to fix this issue ? How get black font on it too ? How I can rollback the update ?

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Olivier D.

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