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stupid Android 11 update breaks so many things

(Topic created on: 2/18/21 3:34 AM)
Galaxy Note Phones
Let's see I started off with Android 11 update a couple months back on my pixel 2XL which completely went to shit after it was updated. All of the Bluetooth functionality just suffered and I completely dislike using the phone now. And instead of going to then I do is process of flashing back to the previous OS I'm just abandoning the project . so now I got a Note 10 plus.. yesterday it receives the most unwanted update to Android 11. Same crap. Bluetooth functionality goes down the tube. Meaning audio quality suffers tremendously. the option for HD audio is no longer selectable . I've tried all the recommended tricks. there's just no luck. so many options are now grey'd out that were once selectable. Like changing the bit rate, and the codecs that I use.
And to make it worse the playback quality through Bluetooth devices like headsets and speakers suffers as well. Not to mention my Bluetooth controller no longer has any usefulness to it in any game. It still recognizes it, the phone connects to it. But there's no point. It does absolutely nothing other than being a mouse. The buttons don't have any functionality neither do the joysticks. I'm trying to disconnect forget the device reconnect the device. Wiping the cache in system recovery. Nothing is getting this functionality back. I'm so sick of these forced updates I wasn't even given the option to deny and forget about it my phone just automatically restarted. Same as last time I didn't want this stupid update I was fine with pie or oreo. If it wasn't for the fact I have 100 and something apps already installed I would have just wiped it out already and gone with a custom OS. which is most likely what will happen if I can't find a fix for my controller. Don't need to be going days without being able to play a game cuz some jerks wanted to push a broken update on us
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