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why lagging on note20 ultra I paid for value not garbage

I had to get a warranty exchange when I pre-ordered the note 20 ultra. Had it, for 3 days. Slowest form I've ever had. Got the "new one," same thing. I had the note 10+ which was a fantastic device. I am still paying both, (added line for no reason.) Wanted better camera. But, why does it take so long to load anything, ever? I work for a company that sells the phone. It's hard to sell the phone knowing the problems. My s6, would work better. Please give me reason on why I shouldn't be mad. Or just fix the problem. Cool phone. Edge beveled, no case makes u mess all typing up at any time. Slower than slow connection issues. I'm angry. No 3D scanning and can't use 3d measure. I like the pen. So I wouldn't go to s20 ultra, even though that phone seems better. Whereas, the Note series should be the power House of all phones. I'm not happy. Wish my note 10+ would turn on so I could use that instead. Frustrated as ever. Cool design, camera sticks out too far, back is too slippery. Aside from it being the slowest phone I've ever seen. Besides one that has no storage, the beveled screen is a no no. Why!!????