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wrong charger blew my phone out

(Topic created: 03-19-2020 09:32 AM)
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Hello, My phone has stopped working. I was talking on it lastnight, and I was letting it die to zero, yet however, When I was on the processing of charging it, It did a sudden blackout, therefore; I assumed it had completely died but it was not charging up nor showing any power reboot or restart.  I tried everything to get it to turn back on with new chargers, wireless chargers, ect..  I just got this phone and I will really be bummed out to have to pay for another one as well fixing it because very rare and expensive for both. 

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
Galaxy Note Phones

I would recommend using the original charger that came with your device when charging your phone.


Your phone or tablet may not turn on if you are not charging it properly. But on the other hand, it may not turn off if it's completely frozen. If it's is not responding to you pressing the power button, let me help you get it working again.


Give this link a try for steps to follow when your device won't power on: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/troubleshooting/TSG01001482/


If the troubleshooting above doesn't resolve the symptoms you are experiencing, a service repair would be recommended. You can take your device to your local UbreakIfix or ship the device in for service.


If you wish to ship your device in for service, can you please provide me with the following information so I can assist you further: http://bit.ly/2JH2rq2


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