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10 plus: USB won't connect to my PC anymore.

(Topic created: 04-20-2021 11:40 AM)
Galaxy S Phones
Won't connect to PC after moisture issue with USB-C port 
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Galaxy S Phones

This is a VERY common problem in which Samsung seems perfectly content to ignore. My phone does it all the time and it's never been wet and I'm always using high quality cables. Luckily there is a user on here who describes the fix albeit temporary. Search for "moisture detected" and you'll find it. Personally, I'm getting rid of my less than 1 year old Samsung. I can't patronize a company that holds it's customers in such low regard. To any Samsung moderators: You will be getting a bill from me, as you clearly breached our contract, be it stated or implied. Your total lack of action on this matter has not gone unnoticed - remember, A LOT of your customers were Apple customers first!