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2 contacts incoming calls and text message not display name but number since june software update

(Topic created: 07-14-2022 01:59 PM)
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i assumed this must had happen since i install june software update back on 6th apprently all of a sudden whenever my mom or dad text me or call despite that i have phone and gmail contact list

showing number same as text message and i don't know why doing it on my s20 plus phone verizon how can i fixed this problem

i thought that maybe i delete phone contact and gmail contact readd back but i don't know if that will help or not  are verizon folks after june software update seeing this issue with a few contacts either incoming or text message displaying number only instead number with contact or not


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Sounds like a software update bug. You can try clearing the cache and force stopping your contacts and messaging apps:
open device settings (cogwheel icon)>apps>messages>storage> clear cache/data>force stop. For contacts app:open device settings>apps>contacts>storage>clear cache only>force stop. Clearing the cache and force stopping will reset your apps and possibly clear up the issue. If these steps don't work the next would be performing a partition cache clear.
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here's what it supposed to say for an example dad and phone number


now it saying phone number and underneath tennessee doing same thing as i got my mom in contact number and tennesse phone recent


it's now kindof confusing but different numbers saying tennessee and sometimes i get confused when my mom calls ha


even text message if they text me phone number tenn<-not certain


however if i call contact will be name and phone if i click on contact and go to their text message saying my mom<-it will go back to that but if she text message me be back to saying number only i think very odd


i think it only happening with those 2 contacts on phone besides got on google gmail contacts i don't think it doing it if my brother call or text message me i believe it will say his name along with phone number instead phone number tennessee am not sure


you saying if i clear data or cache contacts and text message will that make messages and phone contacts/gmail contacts go away?

i don't want to lose my phone contacts btw