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A21 insurance not covering broken screen

(Topic created on: 4/22/21 9:45 AM)
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I've A21 and it's the worst phone I now I've been convinced that, not only the phone was awful but the company is just as worst. I  had a problem with my A21 it wouldn't charge properly.  Then a week later I  was taken to ,Arlington, Tx . For my birthday gift to watch the monster jam.  My phone fell and broke my protective glass shield and  my main face glass.  I was told my insurance was good to fix my phone.  I asked them instead of sending my phone into the company.  If ,I  could take it in a place that does Samsung phone repairs.  They said yes and ,I  wouldn't have a problem.  So they sent me from  Waco, TX.  To Burleson,Tx  which is 90 miles there and 90 back.  I go to the place and the ticket number that Samsung gave me didn't register with the gentlemen in the repair store in ,Burleson, Tx. And come to be told that my insurance policy only covered my phone only when it was sent in . I spent $80  on gas and wasn't a full day in a town ,I  know nothing about.  Wasted my day and money going there.  I talked with a supervisor for ,Samsung and was reassured by her that for my troubles with getting sent to a place by a representative assuring me that I  was able to fix my phone.  So the supervisor told me that they were going to expedite the charges for UPS to ship my phone overnight to them and, I'd get my phone repaired at no charge.  Now ,I  was told that ,I  have to pay for the service and another charge.  Cause my screen was cracked.  I was able to see and everything it was broken enough that ,I  got small cuts from the face. So  ,Samsung will ask you to sign up to there membership to receive the benefits.  I had my phone registered for repair before my policy was released.  Now , instead of honoring there obligations they told me they would do . They turned around and  want to  charge me for the service and other charges.  Or ,I  don't get my phone repaired and they ended up keeping it until I  pay for the service.  So one supervisor can tell you  ! Yes we will fix it  free of charge for my inconvenienced of being sent to a place and denied help. I always enjoyed my phone by ,Samsung but if that's how you treat CUSTOMERS and have them sent to places, wasting their time and money. To finally be told I'm not being compensated for the troubles of traveling, spending my gas money to go there instead of it going to my gas for work.  So ,I can go buy a new phone from them . Well if that how Samsung treats customers,  I  suggest you find a different  and better company then ,Samsung  ELECTRONICS!! I very been  mistreated by Samsung very wrongly and  I'll never buy another product from them. I'll also be  spreading this story on  Facebook to get others attention of how ,Samsung will sell you their products to anyone but just doesn't honor anything they say to correct the troubles they put me threw of having me lose a days work to send me 180 miles , wasting gas to go there when, I  could've had them two  full tanks for me to go to work instead.  And after I bought my phone and didn't even last me four months , I'm advised that my phone is  repaired and if I wanted it back  I'd be charged for service and another charge for the troubles.  If not I don't get phone back fixed or not . Not only they took my money buying it but they ended up keeping it because I refused to pay for something that they reassured me I'd not be charged for anything.  I'll get another company for my phone, but will be posting this UNFAIR issue on Facebook for others to be warned about how. This company doesn't honor any they say and if you send your phone with insurance.  Will end up  being told that they insurance policy ran out  as soon as Samsung receives  your phone and then tells you that you will be charged for servicing your phone.  That is just the worst way to run a company and expect people to buy from them 

 No thanks!! On to Facebook and have it go viral then maybe Samsung Electronics will reconsider and honor the obligations they tell you they'd do to make up for any trouble that has come out of this dilemma. 
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