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Alarm Volume on S10e

(Topic created on: 3/22/21 3:18 PM)
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Is there any way to get decent volume for the alarm on the S10e phone?  

I used an LG G5 phone for  several years but recently had to have it replaced under warranty and the only replacement available was a Samsung S10e.  

I have been able to get by with this phone even though it lacks several simple features that I would have expected, but one problem that I can't seem to solve or work around is the volume of alarm.

I rely on the clock app to set several alarms at different days & times, but with this S10e it seems impossible to get a reasonably loud alarm tone.  

Of course I can choose any of the ringtones, but none of those are especially loud.  I tried using a couple of different tones that came with the phone, then I uploaded a couple of tones that I have used before.  I know that those files are loud.  And when the phone plays them while I am choosing which tone to use, they are LOUD, but when the alarm sounds it does not play the tone at full volume!

When the alarm time does come and the phone plays the selected tone, it is not as loud as it was when selecting it.  The volume is set all the way up.  But when the alarm sounds, it starts out about half as loud as it should be!  If I leave the alarm sounding, it does get a bit louder as it repeats the selected tone.  

Starting out at lower volume then getting louder was an option on my old phone (and only applied to ringtones), but I cannot find any setting on the Samsung phone to select or unselect this behavior.  

All I want the alarm to do is to play the selected ringtone file, at full volume, when the alarm time comes.  That doesn't sound like it should be difficult, but I cannot find any way to make this S10e do that simple task.

I'm not sure if this stupidity is the fault of the phone itself or perhaps the fault of the clock app provided on the phone.  

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