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Android OS Updates

Dear Samsung - When are you going to start supporting OS upgrades beyond two years? Recently, I've been more and more frustrated at the delayed rate between Android security bugs, and the time it takes to recieve updates from my carrier. I've been using Galaxy S series phones since the S3. And before that used the HTC Evo for at least four years. Granted with the Evo, I had to root the phone and update my own ROMS to keep the phone running the latest Android OS. While I have not historically been a huge Apple fan, their phone offering is looking more and more appealing. I can buy a new Apple device today, and know that my phone will recieve the latest OS and security updates for roughly FIVE or more years. When these devices cost $800+ (S10 lists at $899 on T-Mobile today) and I have five family members to keep updated, it becomes more and more important that I KNOW my devices will be supported and secure for longer than two years. Paying over $4000 to update my entire family line of phones is becoming more and more difficult, and I can't afford to stick with a product family that forces me to use a deprecated solution after only two years. So, please Samsung, change you policy and update ALL of your devices for a longer period of time. Otherwise, users like me, who want to stay with Android, will be forced to move to; either, other hardware carriers, or even worse, to Apple based devices.