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Android auto on Galaxy S10+

Is anyone having issues with android auto not working with there vehicle. I have a 2018 Colorado and android auto doesn't sync with my truck after the latest update.


Re: Android auto on Galaxy S10+

I have a 2018 Mazda CX 5 GT had absolutely no problems with my Note9 working with 1000.00 for a new phone (Note 10+) and it will not, under any circumstances, work with my vehicle.  It keeps telling me to put the car in park...AHHH I AM in park...then the screen keeps flashing with the charging logo.  I sent the phone back.  I am not paying this kind of money for something that will not work in my vehicle as that is where I spend most of my time.  I have heard a lot of chatter that this DEK app or whatever could be to blame.  I am sure that SOME people would want to connect their phone to their computer to use the phone but I think that is ludicrous.  So anytime you USB your phone it thinks it is a computer.  UGH.  What a waste of my time setting this thing up only to have to return it.