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App Player controls being overode on lock screen

(Topic created on: 2/24/21 5:39 PM)
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Hello! Out of nowhere, the media controls for apps like YouTube, Audible, Spotify, Stitcher and Overdrive on the lock screen have been taken over by something else. It is ONLY on my lock screen though. If I unlock my phone, the player controls are normal. I THINK its either the Devices and Media or the SmartThings but I'm not sure because I have never used either of those since I got this phone years ago. Whatever it is, it doesn't even work. I cannot long press on it nor can I swipe it either way to get the settings wheel to pop up. If I click on it and unlock my phone, it just takes me to the app I was using.  The only buttons that work on it are the play/pause button and it only has skip forward and back buttons besides and those are grayed out. Apps like audible have a rewind 30 seconds button and that's not even an option with whatever has taken over my media apps. I do not believe it is the music widget that comes up if you click on your clock because I have never enabled any of that.

I have done a recommended software update in the last week and a half so that could have done it. I have not changed any of my settings lately but have checked over them all to try and find the problem. I've done a soft reset as well as reset all of my settings and nothing fixes it. I tried contacting AT&T (my provider) to see if they have heard of this issue (they haven't) and Samsung IT but the person I talked to was a one trick pony and they directed me here. 

I really hope someone can help me because I do a ton of driving and I listen to a ton of audio books and podcasts. Having the player function on the lock screen in super convenient for how often I use these apps and honestly, this has completely ruined the functionality of all of them for me. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

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what do you guys mean by overdrive? media control does not work on the lock screen? 

submit an error report via samsung members app

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I have the same problem, and I took two screenshots to illustrate what is happening. In the first screenshot, you can see the 'original' media player (which includes the useful 'jump back 30 seconds' option). In the second screenshot, you can see this 'new' media player that only appears when the app is playing. These screenshots show Audible but the problem happens for other apps as well. It is very frustrating, because the original media player is the useful one, but it is replaced the moment the media actually starts playing! I've fiddled with every setting I can find and I can not get rid of the crappy 'new' player.

Please help--thank you!

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If you guys are referring to the media control design/features (such as rewind) it seems to have been updated and changed... not quite an issue but rather inconvenient design change.

You can still pull back or pull forward the track by tapping on the clock, it will expand all the items in the screen and show you a 'time bar'(?) that you can drag around... hope this helps?

I'd just go complain (most likely to Google) directly and ask them to bring back the rewind button and such. Isn't there a suggestion box somewhere? i thought there was one..... maybe not