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App shortcuts in highlighted text menu disappeared

(Topic created: 04-08-2022 02:43 AM)
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I have an S10 and for the longest time when I would highlight text on a web page or elsewhere, the copy/paste menu would also include app shortcuts allowing me to jump directly into the phone app for phone numbers, Google maps for addresses and Gmail for email addresses. When it recognized something like an address, it would automatically highlight the entire address and the app shortcut would show up on the far left of the highlighted text menu.

Something happened recently and those app options are gone. I believe there was a big update on my phone recently but I can't be sure if that's what caused it. I didn't realize how helpful this feature was until it went away. It's so much less convenient to manually copy everything and then open up the appropriate app and paste it.

Any help to get this feature back would be greatly appreciated!

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Works here ... example:
1234 some Dr, Chicago, il
... see screenshot.

Settings - Apps - Choose Default Apps
... check if all are set
... then tap Opening Links and check
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