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Auto punctuation setting onscreen keyboard

(Topic created: 07-21-2021 04:55 PM)
Galaxy S Phones
I use this feature and I enabled it. But there's an issue.

After a period at the end of a sentence, there should be EXACTLY spaces before upper casing the next character. 

The keyboard just blindly automatically upper case the next character whenever I type a period and a space. This is not right. Also, the shift key is in the wrong state after I type period follow by space. 

Enable the auto punctuation option in keyboard settings. Then try to type the following in your samsung onscreen keyboard but lower case "A" in "abcd".
 You'll see what I'm talking about. See how iOS keyboard does it correctly. 

1. Abcd
2. Abcd
3. Abcd

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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S Phones
Are you referring to the "Double tab space bar to add period" {i.e. Auto-Punctuation} option or the "Auto-Capitalize" option? It sounds like you are referring to the "Auto-Capitalize" option. I thought the whole purpose of that feature was to capitalize the first letter of the next word automatically whenever you type a period, question mark, or exclamation point followed by a space? I enabled it and that's what mine is doing.