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Aux cord problems

(Topic created: 12-04-2021 10:02 PM)
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So I got this new 'feature' one day where my phone decided to tell me it would play notifications through my wired headphones. I figured why not and dismissed the notification only to find out 10 seconds later it also decided it would randomly tell me the time and, here's the kicker, play, pause and skip my music for me. Now It might help you to know that my headphones don't have audio controls, so it has no real way to tell my phone to do anything with my music. As far as I can tell the way my phone decides these actions is by my cord twisting in the headphone jack, which happens all the time. I'd really appreciate some help as when I looked online the only answer I got was to turn off some thing in the Google assistant app, which once I then downloaded, I saw it was already turned off.

Update: At first I thought it was because of the bent tip of my headphone cable but have now realized my phone is also responsible for an audio issue where vocals sound very distant when the cable is turned a certain way.
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Galaxy S Phones