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Best Fix for "Call can't be transitioned to Wi-Fi and continues over cellular network"

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Galaxy S Phones

I have been seeing this problem all over the Internet for AT&T Galaxy S Phones...  Here is what I learned and hopefully this will help you too...

From what I can tell, this problem is about a month old.

This is NOT an phone problem.  It is not an issue with the Network or the SIM card. Thus calling AT&T support or going to a store won't get us very far.

This is a Samsung + Google issue in the latest Android update from AT&T for certain brands of phones. 

When Google Location Accuracy is turned OFF everything works fine even though I have Location set to ON.  As a test, every time I set Google Location Accuracy back to ON, the "Call can't be transitioned to wifi"  problem returns.

I have also tested WiFi Calling, WiFi Connections, and all other WiFi features (e.g. Hotspot) and the only time the problem appears is when Google Location Accuracy is set to ON

To fix this problem... 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Location
  3. Leave Location set to ON
  4. Scroll down the Location settings and turn Google Location Accuracy to OFF
  5. Exit Settings
  6. Make a call to test functonality

That should get you going again. 

Google Location Accuracy is really only important if you want accuracy down to 3 feet or you are moving around a lot in remote areas where affinity to the GPS location is important and you need it quickly.  Which is supposed to be what the Google Location Accuracy function provides (faster location resolution with greater accuracy and stronger connection to GPS). 

From some quick research I have been able to do, it seems that over the last few months Google Location Accuracy wreaks havoc on Google Maps and, now evidently, phone calls for S10 on AT&T.

Google Location Accuracy might be important if you lose your phone and you are potentially disabled or otherwise impaired.  In which case, assuming you have another device available like a PC or Tablet with Google Find my Device loaded and running, it might help you get within 3 feet of the phone.

If someone loses their phone often, then it is recommended that they don't turn off the sound or vibration and use Google Find My Device with sound (assuming the persons are not hearing impaired) or vibration to locate the phone within 15 feet (the standard accuracy of GPS).  

One other thing... if you are worried about where you might have been given the issue of a lost phone, you can still activate Google Location History.  Calling works fine with this activated as well.  If having this feature activated gives someone peace of mind in dealing with where a phone has been or might be, then by all means activate this feature.

In any case, Google Find My Device affords us the opportunity to the lock the phone or wipe the phone if it is truly lost.  IMHO, this is much more important than 3 foot accuracy and a faster resolution to my location. If the phone is really lost, does it matter if we are within 3 feet or not?

I have seen lots of information on websites that when indoors with Google Location Accuracy turned ON and Wifi Turned ON while connected to a WiFi Network, that the phone can use the GPS + WiFi triangulation to give extremely good accuracy as to a individual location within the buildign.  In particular when GPS might be impaired by other infrastructures like roofs, ironwork, ductwork, or concrete. 

If we need this capability then we can set Google Location Accuracy to ON and then process phone calls over WiFi Calling (assuming WiFi is available, which is now pretty universal in facilities) until someone fixes this problem with a software update.

To turn WiFi Calling on follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Connections
  3. Set WiFi Calling to ON
    • You might get a notice telling you that you need to have an active WiFi connection available... click "Okay" and you should be all set for this feature.
  4. Make sure WiFi is also set to ON
    • Connect to a local WiFi Access Point/Service
  5. Exit Settings, test calling

I would seem that if we can't way find a location once we are within 15 feet of a destination (certainly line of sight), then maybe there are bigger problems than the Google Location Accuracy on a Mobile Phone.  

Whatever did we do before cellphones, WiFi, GPS, and Google Maps to move around within a 15 foot area.

Bottom line:  AT&T + Google + Samsung need a fix to this issue with Google Location Accuracy.  Until then, I recommend that we just set Google Location Accuracy to OFF and Deal with 15 foot accuracy vs. 3 foot accuracy until such time as the triad fixes this very annoying and frustrating problem for subscribers/owners.

Other options:  buy a new/different phone, change carriers, switch to iPhone.

Given the expense and inconvenience of all the above options... maybe just setting Google Location Accuracy to OFF is the most expedient answer.

Last point:  none of the above offers an excuse to AT&T or Samsung on their path to a fix on this problem for their subscribers.  There has to be an update for Samsung on AT&T for Android.  Especially for Galaxy S10 users.

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