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Catch 22: How to use Sidesync or Flow from Windows 7 PC to Galaxy A32 5G?

(Topic created: 10-27-2021 07:51 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

On my Windows 7 PC, I regularly use Samsung Sidesync to connect with with my Galaxy S5 using my PC screen and keyboard.

But with the Galaxy A32 5G, I cannot get Sidesync to connect to the phone from the Windows 7 PC.  I seem to be prevented from downloading Samsung Flow from the Windows Store because I am using Win 7 versus Windows 10.

From the XDA forum, I downloaded the Android SDK but before hacking around the OS via usb, I thought I would ask if there is a simpler client app or driver I can use to connect with the new phone from the Windows 7 PC? Or maybe a Win 10 emulator from which I could download and use Flow?

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