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Chat Settings won't register?

(Topic created: 12-04-2022 08:57 PM)
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I recently swap phones from an A12 to S10 And now my chat settings wont-work. I've had chat settings on all 9 of my other phones through Samsung. Same phone number and with the last 4 phones same SIM card! But when I switch to the S10 It will not register my chat settings, Just like on the other phones it asks you Hey do you want to agree to use chat features? You click agree, it says register your phone number, It takes a minute,... and pull me off to the races. Well not with the S10. Just keep saying registration failed. Try to get in touch with the help through Samsung, They said you need to talk to your Carrier.... My Carrier says your chat settings should be working. So I grabbed a different phone, Galaxy A10E. Formatted it, Put my SIM card in set the phone up, And blam just like that it works!!!!!  Anyone know how to fix this problem??
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Galaxy S Phones
I'm having this issue too after being sent a replacement phone.