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I used to have chat features enabled on Samsung message, but ever since installing the May 1st patch I have lost them all. I am stuck now either moving over to google messages (I would rather not) or not having chat features. Additionally I have had the issue of texts not being received since that update too. It has made Samsung messages rather unreliable. I realized this when I downloaded and enabled google messages and got a flood of messages that were never previously received.

I have the galaxy s9 (One UI 2.5, Android 10) and am with the carrier Shaw. Shaw says it supports chat just fine, so that shouldn't be the problem.

I am almost certain the issue tracks to the may 1st patch, which I installed on June 14th, the same day I began having issues. 

I noticed I do not have the 'chat settings' option in my message settings, however, I used to get the features, so surely at one point I had it.

Otherwise I have tried every solve I could find online short of a factory reset.

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this could vary by carriers, i've never heard of Shaw mobile.. you might wanna contact them again

submit an error report on samsung members app > + button > error report and get the feedback