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Chat on video Samsung Galaxy j6 2018

I have a very high expectation for samsung galaxy phone, 

i purchased my samsung galaxy j6 last july 2018.

i've never expected to be easily worn out. 

so here's my story, 

when i was going to sleep it still has a 24% of its battery. 

when i woke up about 9am its already drain. so i charged it and shows 0% of its buttery.

but more than an hour ago it is still 0%. 

i thought that its just so drained that it has a very slow charging process. 

but time came by, 3 hours have already passed and still 0%. 

i was worried, and i checked again it shows 1%, 

and i though that was a good sign. but NO. 

it adds 1% every 2-3 hours to be accurate.

i'm a samsung user and this is the first time i experience this.

and when i go to service center, my request would be invalid they say. because it has dents. yes i admit it has dents but not because it falls to ground.

i was at a window and turn around then my phone lodge by the edge of the window. that's the cause of the dents. and they say samsung is the best phone! makes me laugh. for a small lodge it already causes a dents to a samsung phone!

the thing is, whats the purpose of your warranty ! my phone is just 7moths old only from me.

battery defect ? factory defect ? how can it just drain and became a very slow process in charging!