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Contacts Filter for Samsung Phone App

How to define the relevant address book for Samsung Phone App?


I know how to set the visible contacts sources in the Contacts App (Contacts App -> Hamburger Menu on the top left -> chose relevant contacts or create a Custom List).


Problem is that apparently those setting have no effect on the Phone App contacts list. E.g. i get a duplicate listed in the phone app for every contact that also has WhatsApp.


I want to see only one specific address book in the Phone App - the same thing I already can do in the Contacts App.


Why do I not just use the Contacts App? Because it does not have a keypad for manual dialing and I don't see why I need to add the contacts App to the home screen if I already have the Phone App to see my contacts - and that should have the same filter capability or at least inherit the settings from the Contacts App.


I do NOT want to

- merge duplicates, because that will vreate chaos where I have intentional duplicates, e.g. several people in the same house hold with shared phones.

- stop syncing other apps