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Could phone be hacked?

(Topic created: 09-03-2021 06:42 AM)
Galaxy S Phones
Using smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S10e) for basic general contact, day planning, social media - news, and college, with updated security & anti-virus: noticed it started acting strange; photos & files started disappearing, calendar was getting erased; most recently it started acting like it was taking screen shots without primary user request and blocked updates.

Use screen lock pattern which prevents pocket calling and other accidental operating of device but still having problems almost as though another user were accessing the device when on whether primary user was present or not (like when on charger while out). Not an advanced user I don't plug phone into other devices or visit unusual sites on internet & don't follow unknown text links. Only thing I've done other than using cell network is to log into school or apartment wifi networks for updates or social media and don't let others except family to use phone so it's not like someone physically hacked this device: so are these extreme glitches or has someone figured out how to access this device through a common app or account?

Missing important dr appointments is more than annoying it gets expensive, so does anyone have any recommendations for how a basic user can check and repair a device they can't afford to replace?
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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S Phones
Have you recently side loaded an app from your browser? Or something new from the play store?