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Discord Rich Presence integration is not working on OneUI 3.1/S10e phone

(Topic created: 07-10-2021 03:18 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

So basically I encountered that Discord integration (Rich presence status, e.g. the status that shows what game you play on discord) is not working with Game Launcher on my S10e phone, and I saw many people exprienced the same issue.
I tried to clean data, wipe caches, uninstall applications, reintegrated discord account into game launcher multiple times, and for some reason it's not working, since (for some people) it's working flawlessly. Also I have Game Launcher notification with message "You share your gameplay status". But nothing really shows. I also gave the discord permission for game launcher in settings.
I also saw that the problem appears on OneUI 3.x, but for people it's just working fine on old OneUI versions. For me it was also working before updates.
I know the feature is not really appreciated and not really used by many people but I want to get it working and it will be nice if you guys will help me. Thanks anyway.
Also have a nice day.

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