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Does not receive text messages

(Topic created: 06-02-2021 07:01 AM)
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S10 not receiving text messages: SOLVED.

AFTER restarting phone, stopping and restarting app, clearing app data and cache, doing a safe reboot , and doing it all again for an hour on the phone with tech support-- all unsuccessful,-- I fixed my messaging as follows...

Run the fix apps utility.  Here's how.

Full or hard reboot:  shut phone off.  Hold Bixby, up vol, and power buttons until the full boot menu appears.  Navigate up and down with the volume buttons.  Be careful to not do anything stupid, like factory reset.

Toward the bottom is an option to fix apps.  When I ran this utility and rebooted, my messages worked again.

I probably spent 20 hours trying to fix this.  Many hours combing through online tips.  Three times with tech support.  No one ever mentioned this.

S10 on Android 11.  Good luck.

Jim R.

Santa Rosa, CA

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Thank you for sharing