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External storage is still stored in internal storage?

(Topic created: 03-16-2023 05:54 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

I've been using the Samsung S10 for a few years and a while back I realize I can move my apps storage to External storage.  I ended up moving a lot of them to external because my internal storage is always full from installing several apps and the apps themselves use a lot of storage.  

Today I found out I've used up 93% of my storage because 103G have been taken over by apps.  I checked to make sure most of them are stored in my external storage, which they are, so I was very confused as to why it still takes up that much space.

I then decided to find an app that takes up 20G (called WeChat as shown in pic), cleared its data, and then check again.  BAM I cleared up so much space that I now take up 78%.

Am I understanding internal and external storage incorrectly (I thought external means storing in SD card) or is there something wrong here?  

Most of the apps I have are required for some of my work so it's difficult for me to delete.

Can someone help? Many thanks in advance!
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