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Factory reset Protection - Forgotten mail and password


I had to send my phone in service, and I've got a phone from a friend (Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 8.0), in order to use it, until my phone is in Service. 
Unfortunately, because he had some personal stuff on his phone (videos, photos and bank application), after I made a backup with Smart Switch, I made a Factory Reset (Hard reset using buttons, not from Menu). 
I forgot to check his mail address, and of course, because it is an older phone, he can't remember his mail, password and he does not have his older phone number (he already has a new number).
I tried also to check the mail address in Backup folder, that was created by Smart Switch, but no result.
Please support me in this situation, and tell me what should I do. I already tried to use "other solutions", but without success. 
Thank you in advance.

Re: Factory reset Protection - Forgotten mail and password

So the smart switch app work good I'm having same problem