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February 2021 Update

(Topic created on: 2/6/21 3:08 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

My notifications appear differently. Specifically YouTube and other video notifications have changed with the writing on the left and image on the right, now I can't read the title of the video notification. Also there is no need to see the phone background through the notifications/status bar.

App groups are now grey. Not visually appealing. 

My internet and Hotspot is now slower since the update. 

The volume controls now have flipped on the screen from the top and horizontal to the side and or middle and vertical. This seems like another useless update just to mess with people LOL. Some things just need left alone when they work and everyone  



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Galaxy S Phones
You are upset about the movement of your volume control from top to side? At least you have a volume control. I cant find any volume control on my Galaxy Z, so when YouTube is playing music, if it is too loud or too soft, I have to go into the settings to adjust volume. Then YouTube has this thing where it stops playing if you activate another app, like a selfish masochistic attention psychopath, that forces one to watch dozens of advertisement or else no music
Galaxy S Phones

This latest update is AWFUL!! It's messed up so many of my settings, I've spent the last 2 days just trying to fix it all! Previous updates have been pretty unobtrusive, but this update has changed so many settings, without any explanation, so I keep discovering things as I use my phone... the pop ups are doing weird things, all my themes died, app settings changed, even my alarm tone changed, what the! Not impressed at all!! >:(