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Floating Notifications and Voicemail Notifications

(Topic created on: 3/4/21 12:48 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

I just installed the new T-Mobile update on my Samsung S10e. After, my phone wouldn't charge with its regular charger, I couldn't watch Facebook videos on mobile browser, I wasn't getting my 2-step Google Authentication and my voicemail notification was popping up every 3 minutes even though I swiped it away. 

I just did a factory reset and now I'm still getting constant voicemail reminders, and I am constantly getting floating notifications on my phone for messaging apps. I turned off "notification reminders" in settings and "floating bubbles" are turned off. However, I'm still getting notifications, and when I go back to the settings screen, "notification reminders" is turned back on. 

Any advice? 

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