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Floating keyboard vs. text box location Galaxy S10+

(Topic created: 07-01-2021 04:41 PM)
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Galaxy S10+

I want to try using the floating keyboard because I can only text/type comfortably in certain positions (like sitting up and slightly hunched over gives me the best access for more accurate texting) because the docked/fixed keyboard is at the bottom of the screen. My hands have to be low enough to comfortably text. Moving the keyboard position up just a bit would alleviate more awkward positions.

I decided to play with the floating keyboard, but it is weird to have to watch what you are entering below the keyboard. And I only want the keyboard up just a little bit from where the standard keyboard is, so it covers most of the text entering cell or window, or whatever its called where your text appears when you type.

Is there any way to get the text box/window to appear above the floating keyboard? You know flip the screen upside down so that text window is at the top and the conversation scrolls below that?

Also, I suppose there is no way to "dock" a floating keyboard? Like if I find the perfect location for my thumbs to accurately type, can I lock that position? I notice its very easy to accidentally drag the keyboard when typing...which is also annoying.

Thanks for any help!

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I DESPISE the floating keyboard. Don't know how/why it appears...any insight to turn it off??