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Re: GPS / Location Services Malfunction

I am having the same issues. I use Strava, have for 3 years without any issues until recently. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason of it either. One day it works, the next day I'll ride 15 miles and it will show 2 miles, lines all over the place, and with me looking at my location in Maps I'm about 3-4 miles away from where my GPS says it is. It's become a joke with my friends and tell me to get an Apple phone. No thanks, been there, done that = never again. It sure would be nice is Samsung would fix the problem though. 

@userQaaFPpWtNx wrote:

I'm sure the GPS issue on my new S10 is the same as the rest, but I didn't start trying to use 2 different activity tracking apps until after the last update (can't tell you when it was exactly), so I don't know if it was working properly before.  I use Endomondo to track my horse rides.  When I'm done with the ride, I get a message saying that the GPS has lost signal formore than 5 minutes several times.  If I take it out of my pocket during the ride for a minute or so, it updates, but draws a straight line from start, or wherever I last pulled it out of my pocket.  Itried another tracker app, but same issue.

If I'm reading the right thing for last update, it says: Baseband version: G970USQU3DTC9; kernal version 4.14.117 dated 3/20/20

BTW, does Samsung even look at or respond to these posts?  I haven't seen any replies from them on the few discussions I've looked at...

Well, please keep me informed if anyone figures out a fix...