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Galaxy S10 BT Audio Not Working.

(Topic created: 10-12-2021 02:27 PM)
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After 10 months of flawless use, I can no longer hear BT audio or make phone calls through my Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS. After resetting the Pioneer (including the pin hole microprocessor reset) nothing has changed. Both the radio and my phone shows that there's a Bluetooth connection. Anybody else experience this? Could it be my phone that's causing the problem?
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could be... or might not be... it's hard to know exactly what the cause is unless you look at the codes being passed around between the devices communicating or trying to communicate.

I suggest you reset the network setting on the phone first to see if it will fix the issue. Then if it doesn't fix, erase all connected devices on the Pioneer unit and reconnect.

It is possible that either of the two devices are too cluttered with saved data and is having issues.

If the issue still isn't fixed then you may want to ask for more professional help through Samsung Members by reporting error after reproducing the issue.