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Galaxy S10 Update - Changes to Test Message Search

(Topic created: 04-11-2022 10:46 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

Hellooooo?!? Samsungggggg. Is anyone home in there???  Now when i search for a text message, my last 6 most recent pictures are prominently displayed for anyone to see. Genitals, private, potentially embarrassing pictures. I cant remember the last time I needed to search a picture anyway. Those 6 pictures are followed by another link to open up and search all your pictures.... SO WHY SHOW ANY PICTURES AS A PREVIEW??? Its almost like you aren't a billion dollar company with super high paid engineers who think out these things. Ever heard of focus groups? Maybe start using em with regular people who send d*pics.  Can you please consider changing this or allow users to disable features of the text message search?

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