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Galaxy S10 - Was rebooting due to black screen then noticed phone very hot

(Topic created: 05-11-2022 11:42 AM)
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***Discovered my issue, hopefully my post will help others***

My Galaxy S10 suddenly went black after never having this issue before. I rebooted several times but still no fix. I removed the case as another site suggested to possibly remove the sim card, that is when I discovered my phone was extremely hot. I turned it off to cool, rebooted, and still have a black screen. When I reboot, the Galaxy S10 logo and the T-mobile logo can be seen clear as day but then the T-mobile logo starts to darken and then the screen goes black. If I hold my phone a certain way and press the power button alone I can sometimes very vaguely see the Shut down and Restart buttons, just enough to be able to shut it down. When the phone is turned on I can also sometimes very vaguely see my home screen but not nearly enough to make it functional.

Is it possible the high heat damaged the screen and/or is this problem fixable? Any suggestions are appreciated.

***I remembered the brightness bar is near the top of the first screen after you scroll down from the home screen, so thought I would give it a try to see if simply trying to scroll to the right would brighten my screen, of course it worked.  I am still puzzled because I know for a fact I did not move the bar to the left causing my screen to go black, so I'm still not sure what caused this. I don't know if the heat of the phone was related or not. 

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Ive been using a galaxy S7 since it came out, and I just ordered a galaxy s10 today! Thanks for the advice!