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Galaxy S10+ phone has no data signal after repair!

(Topic created on: 1/31/21 1:58 PM)
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I sent my Samsung s10+ phone in for repair to an offical repair sight due to a power issue. When I was returned my phone I have not been able to make calls or text and I have a small circle with a line through it where the signal bars use to be. I contacted my provider and trouble shooted many times and was told it was a issue with the phone....I contacted Samsung care and they said they cant help me and I need to contact their hot line number for repairs...But the issue is I do not have a phone to call this number and thats the only way to contact them! I also just paid for this repair and feel like I shouldnt have to pay again for a issue that wasnt prior to sending it in for repair..

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Galaxy S Phones
I suggest that you remove the SD card and re install it. That tends to be the trick. Otherwise goodluck.