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Galaxy S5 with black screen and won't turn on

(Topic created: 06-03-2021 12:11 PM)
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my old S5 has black screen and won't turn on even if I put in new battery and new charger cable. Pressing down volume+home+power buttons doesn't work either. I feel the phone vibrate when I press the buttons above, but no life on the phone. PLEASE HELP me how to get data off the phone memory even if I can't get it to come to life.

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Galaxy S Phones
I'm still using an old S5 to run a noisemaker app while I sleep. That said, if you can't even access the master menu I don't know what else to do. Try to contact Samsung directly if they don't reply here. Have you tried connecting it to a pc while it's on but the screen is black? You may still be able to access it.