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Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Drain after recent update and now I see the S8.

Many of us have been writing about the incredible battery usage of our S7's after the update from Nougat to Oreo.  I went from charging every couple of days to having to charge twice to three times a day after the update from Nougat to Oreo.  As a note, I had put a new battery in my S& on Nov 30, 2018.  After installing the new battery, my device had battery life like new until the update to Oreo.  fromI have cleared the cache.  Started in safe mode. And now painfully doing a factory reset.  Ugh.  After the factory reset, the device did a software update to Oreo.  While doing the factory reset my device was pluged in and at 100% state of charge.  Within 30 minutes doing nothing, my S7 went from 100% to 86% state of charge.  As before the offending use of battery power is the Android System.  I also see now that S8 owners are complaining of battery drain issues with their latest update.


I am debating what to do with my S&.  Nothing else is wrong with the device.  After spending $100 to have an authorized Samsung repair shop put in a new Samsung battery, I would like to get some more use from my S7 before buying another device.  And honestly after my interaction this morning via a chat session witha Samsung Product Expert, if i buy another device it will not be a Samsung.


I have also filed a complaint with the US Bureau of Consumer Protection, 


I suggest if you have this issue that you do the same.